Monday, January 16, 2017


Ladies, it's not enough to "Like" an anti-Trump post on Facebook!

It's not enough to sign an anti-Trump petition on Facebook!

It's not enough to give money to an anti-Trump organization on Facebook!

It's not enough to post anti-Trump slogans on Facebook!

Or to post incisive anti-Trump articles on your Facebook page.

Or to read or write rants on Pantsuit Nation.

It's not enough to text or message other women about politics. That's not activism.

It's not enough to recount the vote. It's too late! You're wasting your time!

It's not enough to call politicians to complain about something you read in some stupid post on Facebook.

It's not enough to get a New York Times app, or a BBC app.

It's not enough to march in the streets.

It's not enough to fly to Washington D.C. to march in protest.

It's not enough to ride overnight on a bus to Washington with sixty other women to march in protest!

It's not enough to take time away from work, home, kids, dogs to buy a ticket, to organize other women, to pack a water bottle and granola bars; to buy your Metro pass in advance; to find an Airbnb in Washington; to meet up with friends and family from all over the country; to dress in layers, to wear a money belt, to have extra phone chargers on hand....

It's not enough to be a white woman, you have to be black!

It's not enough to be black, you have to be a woman!

It's not enough to be anti-Trump.

It's not enough to believe Black Lives Matter.

It's not about immigration. It's not about equality. It's not about justice.

And it's not enough to be concerned.

White women will not show up.

Black women feel left out.

It's all for nothing.

Nothing you do is right. Nothing you do is real. Nothing you do matters.

Nothing that makes you feel safe is good enough. Nothing that makes you feel connected connects you.

Fake news is real.  Real news is fake.

You don't matter. Nothing you do matters.


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