Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Black-Out News

In a remarkable reversal, tensions between Jews and Moslems around the world appear to have dissipated as both find common ground in their condemnation of President Trump, mirroring a groundswell of resistance to the Trump administration.

Three years after the shocking and unexpected election results--and amid ongoing litigation between Trump and Putin's Great Axis and The International Coalition of Human Decency to determine the legitimacy of the 2016 election results, which has progressed from the Supreme Court to the Hague (not expected to conclude before 2020), all divisions have boiled down to one question: Are you with us or against us?

In other words, Trump?

For 80 percent of us, it is a clear choice.  We stand together to defend our Constitution against the militant and punitive Federal government, graft-fed corporate avarice, a dismantled electoral process, Internet black-outs and the world-wide spy net.

If you are reading this, you are among millions of us living underground, silently rebelling under the camouflage of "Unified Patriotism," in hiding, in prison, off the grid...or watching your country via drone coverage from Safe Haven territories.

Wherever you are, this is a message of hope. We may be dispersed, but we are legion. Your sacrifices have not been in vain. We are now ALL united in resistance--at last-- and we will, together, prevail!

Please transcribe this message in the next two minutes and pass it on at all costs. /:78all4hope12.6.19


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