Monday, November 14, 2016

The Damage Done

I can't accept that HRC was vilified and sabotaged for having a personal email server (I have one of those, btw) and PET could, according to him, "shoot someone in plain sight on Fifth Avenue" and not take a hit in the polls. He has been described as bulletproof--he could say any outrageous thing and did--and MORE--and STILL got elected President.

I'm not buying this "mandate for change" crap that even our prominent liberals are coming around to espouse. That's entirely beside the point.

The point is that Hillary was treated like absolute shit in front of all of us. Her campaign was clearly sabotaged by the FBI director and Wikileaks (gratis to a man fleeing rape charges in Sweden).

I haven't forgotten "Lock her up!"

I heard all of the lewd, demeaning, disgusting, disrespectful, HORRIBLE things that were said.

And he won.  He got away with all of it.

It makes me sick. It breaks my heart. It makes me so angry I can hardly think straight.

Fuck you, Trump.

Fuck you, Wikileaks. You're no better than the worst that you find.

Fuck you twice, Comey. Sonofabitch.

A mandate for change is no excuse for the extensive damage done.The disempowerment of all women. The humiliation of all women.

I stood with Hillary as a woman. I am traumatized.

Women are fucking traumatized. Mindfucked, betrayed by our country , disposessed of democracy and gang raped.

How can anyone say this was a mandate for change?

I don't fucking care if the real Trump is nicer, or pragmatic, or phlegmatic or decent.

He'll always be a sexual predator to me.

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