Saturday, November 12, 2016

No Peaceful Transfer of Values

Wouldn't it be nice if this were Hamilton's year?

Alexander Hamilton is an inspiring figure from colonial American history that we've discovered this year because of a great biography and musical.

But we celebrate him now because our society has progressed, finally, to the point where we embrace Hamilton in light of the fact that he was raised in poverty by a single mother of mixed race.

Our forefathers, like my poodle, were men of pedigree. It has taken us this long to forgive Hamilton for not being the right kind of poodle, and to acknowledge our debt of gratitude.

Hamilton had no advantages in society except what  lay under his skin. He was smart enough to rise among snobs. But this year, we literally sing his praises.

The electoral college, described by Hamilton in The Federalist Papers (#68),was intended to guard the integrity of the executive branch--though it has proved a nuisance and consistently failed to right the course of history.

However, there is a chance that it could still prove useful. If the electoral college turns on President-Elect Trump like a pack of rabid dogs (on Dec. 19 when they vote), it would overturn the election. It has never happened, and I don't think it will happen, but it is legally and theoretically possible.

To prevent this country from falling apart in its infancy, Hamilton argued persuasively for the ratification of the Constitution.

Wouldn't it be fitting if he saved our country from crumbling once again--this year of all years--when we've finally come around to celebrating him as an outstanding patriot?

Because what will prevent a little more than half of this country from being able to acquiesce to a peaceful transition of power are core values of fairness, responsibility, and justice--oh, and let's not forget to save the planet.

These things cannot wait four years.

Political etiquette does not trump core values.

There will be no peace.

It's the 1970s all over again: rioting in the streets, demonstrations on Washington...Don't be surprised when student protesters are shot dead on campus.

There will be no peace and no rest, because bigotry and racism cannot be tolerated.  The mass deportation of people of color cannot be tolerated. The appropriation of women's bodies and rights cannot be tolerated.  The attacks on our environment and the failure to save the planet from dying cannot be tolerated.

We have a mandate.

There will be no peace.

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