Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mom v. Daz

My twelve-year-old son was very excited for me to watch a reaction video on You Tube about feminists.  I was dubious, but I tried to keep an open mind. When the Tuber used the word "femi-Nazis" interchangeably with "feminists," I knew that I would not be entertained.

People sometimes say things that they don't actually mean. So Mom maybe heard him wrong and he didn't mean that. But he is not sexist. Mom, you're very triggered. You should take a chill pill.

I was not positively impressed by the substance of the Tuber's argument. I thought he was mainly an entertainer, and a comic--

Well, he is.

Nevertheless, this guy has a pretty strong influence on my son's opinions about feminism.

Because he's right! But feminism isn't bad. 

So, we watched that video for a little while, until I couldn't take it anymore. 

Because Mom is impatient.

Then I switched to Feminism Frequency, a You Tube channel by feminists about gaming, because one of their videos was the subject of the aforesaid Tuber's ribald criticism.

She made a video that said that video games were sexist just because you kill women, even though you kill way more men in the same game. She's totally against equality. 

She was trying to make the point that female characters--

In certain video games, don't say all video games.

She was trying to point to a trend of-- 

It's not a trend, it's just people trying to make money. They have kids, you know! They have a family to feed. And then she was pointing to GTA, which is obviously controversial. It's probably the most sexist game out there today, even though it's one of the most popular.

As I was saying, she was pointing out that in general, in video games, women's butts are shown a lot more than men's butts.

Anyhow, after we watched that video, we talked about it for a while, but the conversation deteriorated rapidly. So then we watched a video of President Obama, saying, "This is what a feminist looks like." I thought that President Obama, as a beloved and respected man, would be a great counterpoint to the aforementioned You Tuber. He was. And, in fact, after we watched Obama's video, my son and I had what I thought was a MUCH more productive and sensitive discussion of feminism.

Don't you think you should notice that I broke this thing, and stop and delete that post and scold me?

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